A Happy New Year 2014&New Arrival Item


























WW2 German Air Force Liner Jacket









30’s 〜40’s British Army Pullover Duffle Coat

















30’s Dead Stock French Farmer Jacket












Vintage Macintosh Coat For Railway man











50’s Dents Suede Blouson




















40’s Mouton Vest  With CC41




















 40’s Burton Double Breasted Coat With CC41




























30’s Dead Stock French 3 Pieces Suits












Ealry 60’s Burton Chesterfield Coat Size36




















Death Or Glory  ( The  Queen’s Royal Lancers)  Patched Jacket( Very rare)












Crocket&Jones  Loafer (Genuine Cordovan)











40’s British Tailor Jacket












40’s Burton Tailor Jacket 
















Rare Model Babours,,,











































40’s Harris Tweed